Marta Perry

I’m so glad you stopped by to visit the website dedicated to my inspirational romances. Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing from readers, so I hope you’ll e-mail me. I’ll be happy to reply with a signed bookmark and my free brochure of Pennsylvania Dutch recipes if you’ll send me your mailing address. I also have book plates, and I’d be happy to personalize one for you to put in a copy of my book.

Since I come from a long line of women who were only happy when they were feeding people, I enjoy sharing recipes. Many of mine are old family recipes, especially from my mother’s German traditions. You’ll also find some on the recipe page of this site.

THE FORGIVEN, Book 1 of my new Keepers of the Promise series, was an October release from Berkley Books. I’m so excited about this new series, as it has given me an opportunity to include a story from the past in each new contemporary Amish book. THE FORGIVEN dealt with the plight of the Amish in the face of the challenges of World War II. The second book in the series, THE RESCUED, will be out in June, 2015, and it’s the story of Judith and her efforts to have a deeper relationship with her husband in the face of challenges to their happiness from his younger brother. The story from the past in this book deals with the challenges faced by an Amish widow when the state tries to dictate how Amish children should be educated. Did you know that in one short period in 1953, over a hundred Amish parents were jailed for their reluctance to send their children to a consolidated school? I didn’t, before I began a serious look into the long struggle of the Amish to educate their children according to their beliefs.

So many people have asked me if there will be a third book in the Lost Sisters series, and unfortunately the answer is no. But if you click on the click at the top of the page, you’ll find a brand-new story about the sisters: A SISTER’S CHRISTMAS GIFT, written just for you.

If you enjoy suspense, my new Amish Suspense series from HQN Books begins in March, 2015, with WHERE SECRETS SLEEP, the first book of three which revolve around an Amish quilt shop. I’m deep into the writing of the second book, WHEN SECRETS STRIKE, which will come out in the fall of 2015.

You can see my schedule of appearances, as well as read my ramblings about country life and the Plain People, by checking out my blog. Look for me on Facebook at Marta Perry Books, where I enjoy chatting with readers. I’d love to hear from you. I often run special book giveaways on my Facebook page, so you might want to check it out from time to time.



Click here for Marta's new Christmas short story, A Sister's Christmas Gift